Silver Service Agreement

Whatever type of air conditioning system you have installed in your commercial or residential premises, it is crucial that you have it maintained regularly. The Silver Service Agreement involves a CoreAir professional coming out to your premises and servicing your air conditioning system at least once per year. A huge benefit of this agreement is that if you have a break down service requirement, within 72 hours of your phone call CoreAir will attend to your site. If you have a system that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and needs a air conditioning repair service, this may be a good plan for you, as CoreAir will perform maintenance of your system once every year in the spring months, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance with our Silver Service Makes the Difference

Maintenance checks are a necessary part of owning and operating a residential air conditioning system. Many benefits result from these checks:

  • The life of the system is prolonged
  • Developing problems are identified early on
  • The system is prepared for increasing seasonal demands
  • Chance of system failure is minimised
  • The system operates more cleanly and efficiently

The Silver Service package is a form of programmed maintenance that helps customers anticipate the needs of their cooling system without a lot of hassle.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

The Silver level maintenance service package for evaporative air conditioning systems includes an initial assessment and maintenance service and a summer preparedness check in spring (September and October). The standard, CoreAir maintenance service guarantee also applies to Silver Maintenance Service members – any maintenance request logged through our online booking service before 1:00 PM will be followed up by a maintenance service visit within 72 hours (3 working days). Evaporative air conditioning system maintenance costs $150.00.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners also require regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal operation. Ideally, a maintenance check in springtime is best; this check verifies that the air conditioner is prepared to handle increasing summer temperatures. Taking time for this springtime check makes for worry-free system operation throughout the hottest part of the year. Should any trouble arise, customers can log a breakdown service request through CoreAir’s online booking service. When booked online, split system air conditioner maintenance costs $143.00 and $66.00 for any additional split systems in the house. Again Silver Maintenance Service members benefit from our maintenance service guarantee.

Worry-Free System Maintenance

The advantage of the Silver plan is that is makes caring for a residential air conditioning system a whole lot easier. Seasonal system maintenance is included in this convenient package deal.

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