Warranty Air-conditioner Repairs

Authorised air condtioner service agents have the skills and training necessary to address the maintenance needs of heating and cooling appliances manufactured by particular brands. By using the convenient online booking system through Core Air, Perth customers can arrange for HVAC maintenance and residential warranty repair services whenever they need to.

Rapid service calls, domestic warranty repairs, and authorised service agents have made Core Air the first choice of HVAC owners throughout our Western Australian service area.

The Difference That Authorised Service Makes

Each heating and cooling appliance brand has unique features as a result of individualised manufacturing practices. Service agents can be trained and certified by manufacturers as knowledgeable of their specific machines. This in-depth training allows for quicker and more accurate troubleshooting services and more reliable repairs.

Core Air service agents are authorised to service HVAC systems from many of the top appliance manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, MDV & Fujitsu.

Access Experience Service Providers Day or Night

Click to Call or phone1-800-354-300 in office hours or after hours to reach a Core Air service agent at any time.