When a Home Evaporative Air Conditioning professional goes over your air conditioner top to bottom in the spring you will be ready for the heat of summer with a well-tuned and efficient system. The benefits of a scheduled service and maintenance plan go beyond the peace of mind that comes with a thorough professional check up of the entire system. An evaporative air conditioning unit that is working at peak efficiency will be likely to save you money on your power bills and deliver more cooling power.

Maintenance Plan for Evaporative Air Conditioners in Perth

A regular maintenance plan for evaporative air contioners in Perth Western Australia keeps your aircon in peak performance. Without maintenance such as evaporative airconditioner winter shut downs, you’re not only risking aircon poor performance when you start it up again for summer, but also risking the health of your family or workplace duty of care for your staff. Your evaporative air conditioner works to keep you cool. It makes sense to have a regular service schedule plan that will ensure the whole system is checked over and tuned up at least once a year. With a service plan you also have the peace of mind of knowing who to phone for a quick response in the unlikely event your evaporative airconditioner does malfunction during peak summer time. The professionals who service your evaporative air conditioner are familiar with its make and model and can get aircon parts it needs to get your evaporative air conditioner quickly back to pumping out cool, clean, healthy air to minimise risks such as legionnaires disease.

Thorough and Regular Evaporative Air Conditioner Maintenance in Perth

A service and maintenance plan can begin with a free quote. A skilled technician will look over your cooling system and recommend a service plan that fits for your needs. Typically a maintenance plan will include service and inspection items such as:

  • Check and inspect external casing and supports
  • Check hoses for wear and flexibility
  • Inspect flashing joints
  • Inspect fan and cooling unit
  • Lubricate bearings
  • Check condition of pulley, shaft and blower wheel
  • Check and report belt condition
  • Inspect water supply hoses
  • Monitor water stop cock and ball float operation
  • Check water lines
  • Inspect pump and test condition
  • Drain and flush
  • Inspect and report pad condition
  • Inspect electrical system wiring and connections
  • Test motor amp draw at all speeds
  • Inspect motor pulley
  • Check condition of electrical conduits, isolators and contractors

Phone 1-800-354-300 to save time and money and schedule your evaporative air conditioning service plan in Perth today, for one less thing to worry about.