Three Different Refrigerated Cool Rooms Systems in Perth

Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing rows and rows of wilted and rotten produce. The tomatoes were black, the apples were all soft and bruised, and the cucumbers were starting to shrivel. This is likely what you would see if you were to walk into a grocery store lacking refrigerated cool rooms, or inadequate refrigeration for its produce.

What Are Cool Rooms?

Refrigerated cool rooms are rooms used by restaurants, grocery stores, and other places that have abundant food storage and refrigeration needs. These rooms are literally giant refrigerators and stores and restaurants use them to keep perishable food cool, just as your refrigeration at home does. The three basic types of cooling systems for cool rooms are drop-in refrigeration units, remote condensing units, and remote refrigeration racks.

Drop-in Unit

As the name implies, the drop-in unit is a type of system that drops in through the roof of the refrigerator room. Drop-in systems are ideal for facilities with smaller refrigeration needs. They consist only of one of each of the condenser, compressor, and evaporator. If you are a small business right now and just need a small amount refrigeration at once, this might be a good option for you.

Remote Condensing Unit

One popular option in terms of refrigerated cool rooms is the remote condensing unit, often abbreviated to just remote CU. This type of unit is one that involves installing the evaporator in the ceiling, connected to the condensing unit by a set of pipes. Fans circulate cold air throughout the room. These are ideal for any situation as they can be used outdoors, in buildings, and in larger buildings through a network of several compressors to keep larger areas cool, such as in grocery markets.

Remote Refrigeration Rack

Finally, the remote refrigeration rack is a good option for large operations with heavy refrigeration needs. Also figured to be more energy efficient, the remote refrigeration racks are designed to keep the noise emitting from many compressors and condenser units to a minimum. These are great for the heaviest loads so if you need refrigerated cool rooms for a hotel, apartment complex, or any large-scale facility like that, this might be a good option.

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