Cool and Quiet With a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

While you rely on cool indoor air in the heat of the summer, you require quiet operation of the unit so that work, school, and life are not interrupted by the whirr and hum of machinery. A Mitsubishi air conditioner is designed with efficiency and quiet operation in mind. Drawing on decades of experience in creating machinery with smooth reliable functionality, Mitsubishi makes cooling units for residential and commercial applications.

Stay Green

As the first HVAC company to eliminate lead and mercury from all products, Mitsubishi is a proven industry leader in creating environmentally sound and sustainable equipment for heating and cooling needs. The company also chose to switch an entire line of machines to a more sustainable refrigerant, because it is the right thing to do for the environment that sustains the earth. With a product line that features many energy efficient rated units, a Mitsubishi air conditioner can help you save on power bills and use less natural resources, so that you can help to be part of the solution of good environmental stewardship as well.

Quiet and Efficient

Among the Mitsubishi air conditioner models, the CITY MULTI and Mr. Slim feature separate indoor and outdoor units for better sound control and efficiency. The sound measurements of the two systems range in the low end of typical indoor sounds, in the decibel range of a whisper, a quiet library, or the sound of leaves rustling in a quiet forest. With a range of mounting styles and models to choose from, whether mounted on a wall or concealed in the ceiling, the steady stream of cool air will be appreciated and the whisper quiet operation will be nearly unnoticeable in the background.

Get a System Upgrade

When you are ready to upgrade your HVAC system, get a free quote on the advantages of a Mitsubishi system in your building. The power savings from the energy efficient design and the quiet performance will last for years as an investment that returns maximum value.

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