Air Conditioning Summer Promotion – Win an iPad Mini

Air Conditioning Summer Promo - Win an iPad Mini

You have a chance to win an Ipad Mini and $500,000 off your mortgage. Things are already hotting up with the hottest December day in 24 years. If you sweltered because you don’t have air conditioning or yours is not working then you are in luck. In Conjunction with Fujitsu Air conditioners special offer promotion, […]

Spring Air Conditioner Servicing Special

Spring Air Conditioner Servicing Special

Spring Air Conditioner Servicing Special Double your chances to win and stay school this summer

Understanding an Energy Efficiency Score

Understanding an Energy Efficiency Score A five star seal from Canstar Blue is one of the most recognized symbols of consumer confidence in Australia. This market research agency helps customers select the goods and services that are going to best meet their needs; this helps people buy with more confidence and greater satisfaction. A few […]

Preparing for Summer in Western Australia

Air conditioners Perth Preparing for Summer in Western Australia Western Australian summers are notorious for their high temperatures and unpredictable weather. Homeowners will find it much easier to handle the upcoming season by taking a few simple steps to prepare. This preparation will help you take the season in stride and keep cool at the […]

How Panasonic Air Conditioner Split System Achieves Its Energy Saving and How Eco Patrol Works

Panasonic is known for creating some of the most dependable airconditioning systems on the market. Their split system model is a revolutionary new approach to air conditioner design and has proved very popular among Australian consumers. Split systems are known for being energy efficient while still providing users with powerful cooling at the press of […]

Panasonic Air Conditioners: Why is It One of the Most Popular Brands in Australia

Panasonic Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are one of the most popular household appliances in the country. Nearly every major electronics brand produces several different models. While the brand of toaster or coffee maker you buy probably will not make much difference, selecting an air conditioner based on brand is actually a smart move. Panasonic Air Conditioners have received […]

Three Tips to Pack Your Freezer Rooms Efficiently

One problem that many hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants face on a daily basis is freezer room storage. Because freezer rooms are built into many buildings, and if you are leasing your space, remodeling may not be in the cards, it is important that you utilise the available freezer space you have and try to […]