Platinum Service Agreement for Large Commercial Interests and Industrial Settings

For many years Commercial Air has provided maintenance and repair services to commercial clients of all types. Our customers know they can depend on us for reliable and hassle-free service. We are pleased to extend our tradition of service excellence to large-scale commercial and industrial organisations with the availability of our Platinum Service Agreement. This service plan is intended specifically for organisations with commercial air conditioning maintenance needs that go beyond seasonal service checks.

Addressing the Concerns of Our Industrial Customers

Industrial settings and some large commercial organisations require an intensive level of service that is not fully met by season-specific maintenance. Frequent and systematic checks of the commercial air conditioners used in these settings will:

  • Prevent unplanned system downtime
  • Ensure efficient energy use to minimise operational costs
  • Prevent undue wear to components
  • Prolong system life span
  • Protect this essential investment

These are just some of the reasons that commercial and industrial clients choose to work with Commercial Air. We take pride in providing a full spectrum of services to each one of our customers, regardless of the intensity of their service needs.

More than Just Maintenance

In addition to providing authorised service, maintenance, and repairs we also connect our Platinum Service Agreement customers with qualified mechanics and other technical specialists. Refrigeration engineers and other specialists have an in-depth knowledge of large air conditioner systems and will work with each client to provide the particular services their system requires.

Platinum Service Agreements are tailored to each customer’s particular needs. Our rates are highly competitive and we negotiate these agreements directly with each customer. This allows Commercial Air to offer tailored service plans that encompass the concerns specific to each customer. Platinum Agreement holders receive access to a dedicated contact facility to ensure priority response by engineers around the clock.

Running Strong Today and Tomorrow

We can offer our customers an obligation-free assessment of their refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the parameters of service and associated costs.

Click to Call or phone 1-800-354-300 to reach a Commercial Air service agent at any time.