Gold Service Agreement for Air Conditioning Systems in Perth

Many air conditioning systems require a more intense schedule of maintenance and service. This is especially true of commercial air systems and some residential air systems that operate year round. A programmed aircon maintenance plan in Perth WA goes a long way toward keeping this essential service operational, regardless of shifting use demands. Commercial Air is pleased to offer the Gold Service Agreement to our customers who require more than one maintenance check during the year.

Under the Gold Maintenance Service Agreement, you will receive two seasonal service visits from one of our experienced aircon maintenance agents. The spring visit occurs in September and October and the autumn visit takes place in April and May. As a Gold Maintenance Service Member having an air conditioning maintenance request, your submission will be given a priority by our response team.

Gold maintenance service agreement holders also receive Commercial Air’s guarantee of service. Any service request logged in through the online booking system before 1:00 PM will be followed up with a maintenance visit within two working days (48 hours). This service guarantee holds regardless of weather conditions or other obstacles. The online booking system is available 24 hours a day.

Ducted and Packaged Air Conditioning in Perth WA

Gold Service Agreements address the needs of clients with ducted aircons and packaged air conditioning systems. This agreement can be set to include the entirety of a business’s refrigeration plant along with the connected air conditioning system and related equipment.

The Advantages of Intensive Aircon Service in Perth WA

Though all air conditioner systems require a minimum maintenance schedule in order to continue functioning correctly, some systems need a more intensive schedule; this is especially true of food service environments, maintenance garages, and some workshops. A moderately intensive service schedule has several advantages:

  • Ensures reliable operation throughout the year
  • Provides the level of care large and complex cooling systems require
  • Any developing problems can be caught sooner instead of later
  • Efficient energy use is verified
  • Prolongs the life of the system

Aircon Service in Perth You Can Depend On

The Gold Service Agreement is an excellent value for businesses with ducted and packaged air conditioning systems and other systems that require a more intensive level of service. Contact Commercial Air to enroll in this or any other service agreement.

Click to Call or phone 1-800-354-300 to reach a Commercial Air service agent in Perth at any time.