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Three Tips to Pack Your Freezer Rooms Efficiently

One problem that many hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants face on a daily basis is freezer room storage. Because freezer rooms are built into many buildings, and if you are leasing your space, remodeling may not be in the cards, it is important that you utilise the available freezer space you have and try to make do. Here are some very basic tips for making the most of your available freezer space, no matter how large your room is.

Organise Food by Date

The first tip bears significant weight on making the most of your available freezer space as well as public health. One thing that you should be doing is storing your food in order of date. Sorting and organizing your food in your freezer rooms with the oldest food in front ensures that you will waste less food and keep your freezer free of spoiled or expired product.

Keep an Inventory of Your Product

Second, it is a good idea to keep a running inventory of what is in your freezer room. You might be concerned that this is going to take too much time. However, once you have the inventory all listed out, it will be much easier to add or subtract from it as you buy more food or use existing food. Keep this on a clipboard on the inside the door of your freezer rooms to make it easier for you and your employees to update the inventory list as needed.

Pack Your Food Wisely

Another essential tip to remember that will save you significant space is to pack your food wisely. This means packing food within a half an inch of the top of the container it is in and packing your products in similar sized containers. If you are storing things in plastic bags, make sure to squeeze the air out of them before you store them in your freezer rooms so that you are not wasting any air space that could be used for something else. Packing your items in similar containers will help as far as being able to stack your food so the space is being filled vertically as well as horizontally.