Air Conditioning Summer Promo - Win an iPad Mini

Air Conditioning Summer Promotion – Win an iPad Mini

You have a chance to win an Ipad Mini and $500,000 off your mortgage.

Things are already hotting up with the hottest December day in 24 years. If you sweltered because you don’t have air conditioning or yours is not working then you are in luck.

In Conjunction with Fujitsu Air conditioners special offer promotion, Core Air is offering a double chance to win, stay cool and connected.

Book and pay for a Fujitsu Ducted Air-conditioner from Core Air, enter your details online for a chance to win $500,000 off your mortgage or one of ten Kia Sportage Si Premium SUVs. You also go into the draw for a chance to win a free iPad Mini from Core Air if you purchase before 31st January.

Understanding an Energy Efficiency Score

Understanding an Energy Efficiency Score

A five star seal from Canstar Blue is one of the most recognized symbols of consumer confidence in Australia. This market research agency helps customers select the goods and services that are going to best meet their needs; this helps people buy with more confidence and greater satisfaction. A few months ago Panasonic won the coveted Five Star seal for having the most satisfied customers of all surveyed brands in 2014. Top scores were also given other categories, including value, reliability, and energy efficiency. Though the five star rating helps customers evaluate their options at-a-glance, understanding the implications of these scores requires a little more information. Since energy efficiency is one of the top factors influencing customer’s choice of air conditioner, a little more information about this subject can help you make the right purchasing decision.

Energy Efficiency Basics

Put simply, energy efficiency is a measure of how much energy output an appliance generates compared with the energy it takes in from a power source. An appliance with high energy efficiency will have a high output compared to its intake; a low efficiency appliance with have a low output. Efficiency can be influenced by factors such as:

  • Modern versus obsolete components
  • Insulation
  • Appliance cleanliness and maintenance
  • Overall design and engineering

Efficiency and Value

Modern appliances tend to be much more energy efficient than older models simply because they have been designed to be so. Ongoing research and development have helped engineers create more efficient air conditions for Perth residents. Even though your older air condition may still be functioning, it might be costing you money in the long run.

Energy is sold in units called kilowatt hours (KWH). An appliance that requires more energy to produce the desired result will cost most to operate. This is why appliances that have been designed for energy efficiency are able to save people money.

Maintenance also makes a difference when it comes to energy efficiency. Let Core Air help you prepare your air conditioner for summer; call us today.

Preparing for Summer in Western Australia

Air conditioners Perth

Preparing for Summer in Western Australia

Western Australian summers are notorious for their high temperatures and unpredictable weather. Homeowners will find it much easier to handle the upcoming season by taking a few simple steps to prepare. This preparation will help you take the season in stride and keep cool at the same time. Air conditioners in Perth Western Australia are likely to work overtime, so schedule a maintenance visit today to beat the heat before it begins.

Preparing Your Western Australian Home for Hot Summer Temperatures

Perth WA residents and other city dwellers are familiar with the need to stay cool at home. There are few things you can do to prepare your home and your cooling appliances for the changing seasonal demands. Try these tips:

  • Remove fans from storage and clean them before using for the first time. If possible, remove the screen covering the blades and wipe it with a damp cloth. Wipe the blades, as well. Finish by replacing and securing the screen.
  • Purchase a few extra ice cube trays so you can have plenty of ice on hand for beverages. This will help you stay cool naturally.
  • Install reflective coating on your windows. This will prevent harsh UV radiation and heat from entering your house. Sheets of reflective coating can be purchased at hardware shops and home improvement stores.
  • Call Core Air for a maintenance service visit. Air conditioners in Perth will work more reliably thanks to a little routine care.

Is Your Air Conditioner Up to the Challenge?

Like all appliances, your air conditioner will eventually wear out and cease performing as reliably as it did when you first bought it. Though it may continue blowing air, the appliance may simply not have the cooling capacity that it once did. Additionally, older air conditioners are not as energy efficient as new models, so they can cost more to operate. If your air conditioner is not meeting your needs, talk with a Core Air representative. A quick fix may be all that is required to restore its function. Just give us a call to learn more.

How Panasonic Air Conditioner Split System Achieves Its Energy Saving and How Eco Patrol Works

Panasonic is known for creating some of the most dependable airconditioning systems on the market. Their split system model is a revolutionary new approach to air conditioner design and has proved very popular among Australian consumers. Split systems are known for being energy efficient while still providing users with powerful cooling at the press of a button.

A Closer Look at the Split System

Split system air conditioners consist of multiple parts instead of a single unit. The evaporator unit is enclosed in a stylish cabinet which is then mounted inside a room. This indoor portion connects to the condenser located outside. No ductwork connects the units, so installation is quick and easy.
New appliance models are designed to be highly energy efficient in order to reduce operational costs and improve rates of energy consumption. Even though older air conditioners may continue to work reasonably well, they can be costing more to operate due to outdated manufacturing standards obsolete parts. Switching to a new model can make a significant difference in household energy bills each month.

The Eco Patrol System

The Eco Patrol is a new feature included on certain Panasonic air conditioners. This sophisticated sensor delivers targeted cooling in four simple steps:

  • The user activates the Eco Patrol feature using their appliance remote control.
  • The air conditioning parts sensitive to infrared detect the presence of people within the sensor range.
  • The cooling output is adjusted to optimal levels.
  • The Eco Patrol feature readjusts cooling action once people have left the space.

This eliminates the need to leave an air conditioner running to maintain a comfortable atmosphere when not in the same room. This responsive form of operation maximizes the value of the money households spent on energy.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Core Air service technicians are authorized to perform warranty repairs and other maintenance services on many popular appliance brands. Is your Panasonic split system ready for summer? Give us a call to schedule a seasonal tune up.

Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic Air Conditioners: Why is It One of the Most Popular Brands in Australia

Air conditioners are one of the most popular household appliances in the country. Nearly every major electronics brand produces several different models. While the brand of toaster or coffee maker you buy probably will not make much difference, selecting an air conditioner based on brand is actually a smart move. Panasonic Air Conditioners have received top ratings from Canstar Blue, a trusted consumer satisfaction ratings site. What exactly has made Panasonic so popular among Australian air conditioner users?

Value, Reliability, and More

The Canstar rating system evaluated air conditioning appliances in seven different categories:

  • Value for money
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliability
  • After sale service
  • Quietness
  • Appearance
  • Overall satisfaction

A nation-wide consumer satisfaction poll was conducted. Individual air conditioner owners submitted information about their appliances. When the results were evaluated, the preference was clear. In nearly every category Panasonic air systems came out the clear winner. Panasonic was also granted the five star Most Satisfied Customers 2014 award in the air conditioner category.

Powerful Enough for an Australian Summer

The 2013/2014 summer saw over 150 high temperature records broken. With dry weather in many locations and long stretches of high temps in Canberra and Adelaide, it is no wonder that approximately two-thirds of survey responders reported that air conditioning was their primary way to stay cool. Half of responders said they used their appliances on a daily basis. Though air conditioner use drops considerably in the winter, one in five surveyed reported weekly appliance operation.

Seasonal Maintenance

Regular maintenance checks will help ensure that your air conditioner functions reliably all summer long. We perform warranty repairs, parts replacement, and more. Our authorized service technicians are able to repair many top appliance brands, including Panasonic. No matter what brand of air conditioner you depend on to stay cool, we can help.
Core Air refrigeration technicians are ready to help households prepare for summer weather. Call us today to schedule a maintenance check; we will make sure your air conditioner is working perfectly.

Three Tips to Pack Your Freezer Rooms Efficiently

One problem that many hotels, grocery stores, and restaurants face on a daily basis is freezer room storage. Because freezer rooms are built into many buildings, and if you are leasing your space, remodeling may not be in the cards, it is important that you utilise the available freezer space you have and try to make do. Here are some very basic tips for making the most of your available freezer space, no matter how large your room is.

Organise Food by Date

The first tip bears significant weight on making the most of your available freezer space as well as public health. One thing that you should be doing is storing your food in order of date. Sorting and organizing your food in your freezer rooms with the oldest food in front ensures that you will waste less food and keep your freezer free of spoiled or expired product.

Keep an Inventory of Your Product

Second, it is a good idea to keep a running inventory of what is in your freezer room. You might be concerned that this is going to take too much time. However, once you have the inventory all listed out, it will be much easier to add or subtract from it as you buy more food or use existing food. Keep this on a clipboard on the inside the door of your freezer rooms to make it easier for you and your employees to update the inventory list as needed.

Pack Your Food Wisely

Another essential tip to remember that will save you significant space is to pack your food wisely. This means packing food within a half an inch of the top of the container it is in and packing your products in similar sized containers. If you are storing things in plastic bags, make sure to squeeze the air out of them before you store them in your freezer rooms so that you are not wasting any air space that could be used for something else. Packing your items in similar containers will help as far as being able to stack your food so the space is being filled vertically as well as horizontally.