Air Conditioning Summer Promo - Win an iPad Mini

Air Conditioning Summer Promotion – Win an iPad Mini

You have a chance to win an Ipad Mini and $500,000 off your mortgage.

Things are already hotting up with the hottest December day in 24 years. If you sweltered because you don’t have air conditioning or yours is not working then you are in luck.

In Conjunction with Fujitsu Air conditioners special offer promotion, Core Air is offering a double chance to win, stay cool and connected.

Book and pay for a Fujitsu Ducted Air-conditioner from Core Air, enter your details online for a chance to win $500,000 off your mortgage or one of ten Kia Sportage Si Premium SUVs. You also go into the draw for a chance to win a free iPad Mini from Core Air if you purchase before 31st January.

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